I’m Jason White

Founder of IMAGINATE STUDIO, web designer/developer, video editor, graphic designer, musician, Mac enthusiast, media expert/software guru, husband and father, who sometimes sleeps. Need some help on your project? Learn more about me.

Jason White
WordPress Strategist/Designer/Developer Professional

Hello, my name is Jason White and I am one who has a strong ambition and passion for media, music, and, technology. My job title’s change day by day because I love to do so many different things. Some job title’s I take on are:

  • Production Studio Owner: I am the owner of IMAGINATE STUDIO which develops and produces websites, video production, and much more.
  • Designer: I am the lead designer for all the websites, logos, print projects, etc done at Imaginate Studio.
  • Video Editor: Imaginate Studio produces many videos, including commercials, corporate videos, special events, and more.
  • Musician: Over 30 years experience in playing music. From scholarships, to performances with big names, to studio recording, and several bands.
  • Mac Trainer: I was a Trainer for Apple Inc. for 3 years teaching people about Macs and the great software that is available on it. Today, I run two Mac websites; 1) Learn2Mac.com – The ultimate mac training website (coming soon…someday), and 2) MacTemplates.com – the resource for Mac users to start with a template

Each day is a new adventure and I love being able to do all these things that I love for a living.

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